OAA Red Division Track and Field Championship Meet

Boys Final Scores

1 Lake Orion 161 2 Oxford 107 3 Rochester 83 4 Rochester Adams 70 5 Clarkston 67

Girls Final Scores

1 Lake Orion 175 2 Rochester 92 3 Clarkston 89 33 4 Rochester Adams 82 33 5 Oxford 53 33


-Boys finished the track and field season in 2nd place, Girls finished tied for 4th place.

-Ben Krause was a Multiple League Champion (Shot Put, Discus)

-There were 11 personal records set by the boys team during the meet

-There were 10 personal records set by the girls team during the meet

League Champions!!!:

Ben Krause (Shot Put, Discus)

Shane Ross (300mH)

Boys 4x800R (Bruce, Smith, J. Bagans, Masterson)

Antonia Vackaro (400m)

Jessica Campbell (Discus)

Sam Murray (Pole Vault)


Antonia Vackaro, Shane Ross,

Micah Dymond, Mattie Johnson, Dominic Bruce,

JJ Bagans, Simon Arnold, Scott Masterson, Zachariah Smith, Ulises Rodriguez, Ashley Vican, Trey Townsend, Jillian Hagberg, Rick Galbraith, Gihon Maxwell, Shane Moore, Boys 4x200mR

For a full list of performances, season records, and personal records, please visit or follow this direct link.

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