Lake Orion @ Oxford: Highlights

Final Scores

Girls: Lake Orion 82 Oxford 46

Boys: Lake Orion 91 Oxford 37


-Girls are 0-1 on the season, Boys are also 0-1.

-Scott Masterson won the 800m, was on the winning 3200m Relay, and place 2nd in the 100m Dash...a very unique combination of events!

-There were 102 personal records set by the girls team during the meet

-There were 71 personal records set by the boys team during the meet

First Place Finishers:

Jenna Cappel (HJ)

Gihon Maxwell (SP)

Girls 3200m Relay

Girls 1600m Relay

Sam Murray (PV)

Trey Townsend (HJ)

Boys 3200m Relay

Boys 1600m Relay

Scott Masterson (800m Run)

Additional Placers:

Olivia Drobnich, Lauren Schiller, Alaine Cusick, Rachel Whitt, Victoria Huntsman, Mattie Johnson, Fiona Corcoran, Eriana Hubbard, Olivia Roth, Charlie McClenaghan, Jordy Beebe, Logan Coughlin, Zach Allion, Hunter Green, Shane Ross, Barett Coleman, Christian Lebich, Shane Moore, Kyle Gertenberger.

For a full list of performances, season records, and personal records, please visit or follow this direct link.


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