A Look Ahead: Spring Break 2021 Edition!!!

Updated: Mar 29

As we all embark on our Spring Break adventures, please take the time to remind yourselves that we have our entire season ahead of us. The way you approach this break will have a lasting impact on the success you are able to have this season. From sticking to a workout routine to following existing COVID protocol, please make sure that you are thinking about the choices you make and their impact on you personally as well as the impact on the team.

Workouts for the Week of Spring Break

  • All workouts will be posted by 8pm on Sunday, March 28th

  • There will be NO formal practice, but you are expected to workout on your own!

  • Workouts will be posted at

  • Make sure that you begin each workout with an 800m jog followed by our 12 Dynamics:

  • Inch Worm

  • Forward Step Over

  • Backward Walking T-Pose

  • Walking Deep Squad w/ Hands Behind Head

  • Heel March

  • A-March Walk w/ Dorsiflexion

  • A-March Skip

  • Twisted Lunges (reach up, look back)

  • Side Lunges (step over fence, switch half-way)

  • Quick Feet Run on Balls of Feet

  • Butt Kicks

  • Falling to Sprint

  • Share you workout photos on Instagram @oxfordtrack

The Oxford Track and Field Team Store

  • The team store closes on Tuesday, March 30th at noon.

  • Please remember that the Nike or Badger long sleeve blue t-shirt is the featured item for out team.

  • All other items are considered "spirit wear" and are completely optional.

  • You can find the link to the store HERE

COVID-19 Testing Parent Consent Form

  • As part of the State of Michigan's "Return to Play" protocol, ALL athletes between the ages of 13 to 19 (MS and HS) will need to be tested weekly for COVID-19.

  • Every athlete in this age range needs a Parent Consent Form filled out prior to April 5th. Athletes will NOT be able to practice or compete until this form is on file (this is effective April 5th). Please return this form as soon as possible.

  • This and other COVID-19 Compliance information can be found at

  • We will inform you of the testing days as soon as they are known.

  • Please click on the button below to access the Parent Consent Form.

Future Additions or Edits to this Post

  • Please use this post as your one stop shop over Spring Break.

  • If we need to add or alter any information, we will try to do it here.

We all hope that you have a safe and enjoyable break! Be sure to relax and make memories:) Don't forget to put in the work! We have a great season ahead of us!


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